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About Us

BRINGING VIBRANCE and LIFE into your life of wearing socks.  The Art of Wearing socks.


JHJ INTERNATIONAL Company Limited is a Canadian hosiery design company based in Toronto, Ontario.  JHJ was created by its founders as a way to launch new form of hosiery designs.  It combines their lifetime of manufacturing expertise, experience and skills with new design innovations to add more life to an otherwise ordinary product .  Our goal is to change the way people feel about socks as a fashion accessory that needs to stay hidden and subtle.  We will constantly strive to evolve, innovate on making hosiery products more exciting, vibrant and enjoyable for you to wear. 

The JHJ team dreams of new hosiery products consistently and therefore challenges our supplier to develop new technological advances to make design of hosiery products that is truly unique and novel.  Our latest endeavour together have given us the ability to design images inspired by timeless, priceless and famous artworks.  This has become the benchmark for new artistic hosiery to come.

We have achieved a great beginning working with two prestigious art galleries, The Art Gallery of Ontario and The Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida and various boutiques across Canada. 

Please contact us at info@jhjinternational.com with any inquiries.